Disinfectant wipes got almost impossible to find there for a while and locating them can still be tough. If you have any though, don't "wipe" these things with them...

Wipes, along with toilet paper, almost become the new "coin of the realm" recently. They are very useful in preventing the spread of COVID as well as having so many other uses with regard to cleanliness.  I just read an article that pointed out 5 things you should never use them on though that I thought I should share:

  • Eyeglasses. They have a protective coating on them and the ingredients in wipes can damage that coating, leaving the glasses unprotected.
  • Touch screens in vehicles. Wipes are very convenient to use when wiping down your dashboards and interior car parts but, don't use them on the touchscreens. They can eat away the coating that protects those screens causing blurriness and/or fogging.
  • Leather. Wipes are loaded with alcohol and that can cause leather to dry, shrink and otherwise be damaged. (Keep this in mind with #2 as well when cleaning your car.)
  • Granite countertops. These tops have a sealant that protects them from damage, especially from water. The wipes, again, eat away at that seal and expose the tops to long term damage.
  • Produce. The article I read said not to wipe down produce but, I'll expand this little bit of common sense to include ANY food item.

Let's go ahead and tack on body parts here as well. Now, for the most part, they're ok unless you have really sensitive skin. Try to stick with regular soap and water as much as possible though as the wipes can dry your skin and cause rawness if overused. We have enough skin issues living under this desert sun as it is!!

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