Since concerts have been postponed and we can't go out we might as well enjoy a concert at home. Recently, vocalist of Trapt, Chris Taylor Brown went on a Twitter rage with other well-known rock bands. Granted some people will talk smack about these guys because of Chris Taylor Brown's recent meltdown. But he is willing to do an acoustic set tonight knowing we can't do much at the moment. Chris Taylor Brown knows we can't leave our houses so he is bringing the show to us.

Yesterday he took to Facebook to announce the news about the show tonight. Brown's fellow bandmate Brendan Hengle the guitarist of Trapt began rehearsing yesterday. One time Chris Brown performed an acoustic set many years ago here at our KLAQ studio. If you don't have anything else to do, maybe you can rock out with Trapt tonight. Trapt will be performing their acoustic set tonight at 7 pm on Facebook Live.

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