Almost every El Pasoan enjoys hearing, seeing, and reading about haunted places in El Paso. Luckily El Paso has a few local crews that do the dirty hard work for some of us scaredy cats. If you've been curious about paranormal investigations and afraid to go, local paranormal investigators can help in that department.

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A Facebook group Haunted In Las Cruces posted some footage of the Old Dona Ana County Jail. The footage was taken by PRI Paranormal Research Investigation El Paso. Now what was captured in the video is unexplainable.

Well, that local team will be hosting a free virtual ghost tour at the college that is the best place to start. El Paso Community College is the next runner-up for a paranormal Investigation by team PRI Paranormal Research Investigation El Paso. So if you've ever gotten weird vibes at E.P.C.C. then whatever you don't miss this free virtual tour.

This will be your way of seeing if the team can feel the same weird juju as you do. I would actually want to know if a certain hallway or classroom I am in has any sort of paranormal activity. It feels better to know than not know for some people.

So if the curiosity is killing you, save the date for Friday, October 29. Make sure you're on Facebook to watch the virtual ghost tour at the Rio Grande campus at 11:45 pm. So if you're at all curious about Rio Grande Campus being haunted, you can see for yourself.

Ramiro Galvan and the rest of the team will be roaming down halls that have been said to have weird occurrences. Facebook viewers will get to see the halls that had unexplained phenomena occur. This will be hosted by the Student Leader at E.P.C.C. the Rio Grande Campus and Campus Life Leadership coordinators Yadira Corral and Robyn Kitchen.

But what makes this night special is the man they're honoring on the upcoming segment. Raul Hernandez was the previous E.P.C.C. coordinator and founder of the tours. Unfortunately, he passed away which PRI Paranormal Research Investigation El Paso will take a moment to honor. So check out this virtual ghost tour to see if your old or current stomping grounds are haunted. Below is a video PRI Paranormal Research Investigation El Paso shared a couple of months ago of the Mystery of Sombras Del Pasado. But they still have plenty of paranormal investigations coming up so keep your eyes open for that.

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