If you're into homes, history or just plain nosey, you have a chance next weekend to check out a famous local mansion.

The Hoover House was built in 1917 and was donated to the University Of Teas At El Paso in the 60's. It has been home to UTEP Presidents ever since and current UTEP President Diana Natalicio has lived there since 1988.

The home has had several different owners over the years and was christened the "Hoover House" in honor of the Hoover family who officially donated the house to the University in '65.  According to El Paso Herald Post online, other UTEP Presidents to live there were

President Joseph R. Smiley and Mary E. Smiley (1969-72), President Arleigh B. Templeton and Maxie Templeton (1972-80) and President Haskell Monroe and Margaret Joann “Jo” Monroe (1980-87).

The open house takes place June 3rd and 4th to commemorate the homes 100th anniversary. Visiting hours are Saturday, June 3rd, from 9am - 5pm and Sunday, June 4th, from 12 Noon - 5pm.