For years I honestly thought I had the greatest job in the world.  Then I heard about this guys gig ...

A topless trampoline safety inspector ... and towel boy!  That is awesome! (Topless-ness begins about 58 seconds in!)

Actually, it's a prank ... I think ... to bring attention to not only breast cancer but to the fact that guys can get it to!  (Hey, whenever you want a guys attention, chi-chis will usually do the trick right!?!?)

For more information, (or to make a donation to help with breast cancer research) contact the Susan B. Komen foundation by phone at 915-533-4433. Visit them at 1700 Murchison suite 207 or online at

You can also contact the El Paso branch of The American Cancer Society at 915-544-4425. They are located at 909 E. San Antonio or you can visit them online at