Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has finally admitted to using crack cocaine. In his words, "Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably about a year ago."

You know your political career is in choppy waters when you have to use your crippling alcohol addiction as your excuse for your crack use.

You're probably wondering if there are any signs that would be a tip off when a mayor is using illicit narcotics. Well, there are...

1.) He wants to make your sister city "anywhere in Colombia".

2.) He defends himself by saying "you can expect me to be perfect like those goody-two-shoes over in Sunland Park.

 3.) Every time his police chief shows up in his office, he instinctively empties his pockets and flushes everything down the toilet.

 4.) When someone calls to complain about potholes he tells them "I don't blame you. I'd be mad if my pot had holes in it, too."

5.) He shows up to every public function with an acoustic guitar and wants to play hippy songs from the sixties…oh, wait.


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