Whether you're indulging in lavish spending or unwinding after a tough day at work at the casino, many of us have a side that craves excitement. People have various ways of unleashing their wild side, some of which may even be against the law!

Keeping this in mind, OLBG, The Sports Betting Community, set out to discover which cities in the United States have gained a reputation for their wild party scenes.

To find out which US cities are the wildest, OLBG looked at a range of data... from the number of casinos per 100,000 residents to the percentage of people who have taken cocaine.

Turns out Arizona knows how to party.

There are 2 Arizonian cities in the Top 10. Let's dig deeper into the details, shall we?

Tied for 6th place is Tucson. Tucson has a higher score overall, but Phoenix (who came in 9th place overall) scored highest when it comes to people who have taken cocaine.

OLBG used City Data to find the percentage of people who have used marijuana or any form of cocaine.

It's hard to beat Nevada - also with 2 cities on the list - because the state absolutely destroys the competition regarding casinos per capita. Reno, however, is top on the list. Not Las Vegas. There are more spur-of-the-moment drinkers in Vegas, but binge drinking is bigger in Reno.

Check out the top 10 below, some may surprise you!


Here is the full list - click here for more details.

1. Reno
2. Portland
3. Traverse City
4. Las Vegas
5. Mikwalkee
6. Pittsburgh
6. Tucson
8. Sarasota
9. Phoenix
10. Grand Rapids
11. Tampa
12. Baton Rouge
12. San Diego
14. Columbus
15. New Orleans
16. Atlantic City
17. Nashville
18. Oklahoma City
19. Seattle
20. Fort Worth
21. Washington
22. Philadelphia
23. Austin
24. Boston
24. Jacksonville
26. Dallas
27. Indianapolis
28. Hoboken
28. Houston
30. Los Angeles
31. Albuquerque
32. Fresno
33. Mesa
34. Baltimore
35. Harrisburg
35. Sacramento
35. Charlotte
35. Detroit
35. Miami
40. New York City
41. Denver
42. Atlanta
43. San Antonio
44. Memphis
45. Jersey City
46. San Jose
47. Chicago
48. San Francisco
49. Ann Arbor
49. El Paso

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