It  took me on 1 Day to break one of my New Years Resolution

Cursing (cussing,swearing ,using bad language.. etc. )

Ever wonder what are some of the Most Commonly broken New Years Resolutions?

Did You Break any ? Lets Count them Down from 10 to 1


10. Spend More time with the Family :Got to work , to make Money !








9.Travel More: Yeah sure .. with what money?








8.Volunteer: Yeah and NOT get Paid .. GREAT!!








7.Save Money and Get out of Debt: Should  read.. Get into Debt  Because I couldn't save Money !








6.Eat Better/Healthier:... Sure , when fast food is cheaper, why waste more money cooking?









5. Learn  Something New: How the Hell can I ?Dont have time for family , and how do I do it ? Cant save any money .









4.Be Less Stressed:.. WHAT?! Check out the last 6 resolutions!!








3.Quit Smoking: AGHHHHHH!!! ( i need a smoke)!!









2. Drink Less: The KEY word here is LESS. Less than??  Cheers and Bottoms Up !(*hiccup*)










And the #1 Most Broken New Year's Resolution  IS :

1. LOSE Weight: Don't lie to yourself , YOU have tried  it !! Stop eating all those Mexican spicy foods !!