Netflix is providing some great entertainment for the world as it freaks out during the Coronavirus COVID-19) pandemic. You should take some time to take a break from all the serious news and have yourself a laugh. I chose to do this with Tom Segura's latest Netflix stand-up special, 'Ball Hog.'

I was lucky enough to see Tom in El Paso when he performed at the Plaza Theatre back in September and it was an incredible night. I am a huge fan of his podcast with fellow comedian and Tom's wife Christina Pazsitzky, titled 'Your Mom's House.'

It is no surprise Tom is one to make jokes about not only your mom but your Grandma. I was traumatized by his Grandma having sex joke when he first tested it here in El Paso, but now it is on repeat in my house, thanks to Netflix and my Fiancé.

Tom made some changes to the joke for his special, like using El Paso as a setting for a place he thinks your Grandma might have had sex. Not sure if he meant El Paso, Texas but really do we care about any other El Paso besides our 'Sun City?'

Emily Slape
Emily Slape

Yeah, now I am even more mentally disturbed thanks to Tom Segura's mind trick to make me think of my Grandma doing dirty things. I had to pause it and take a photo, so I could show everyone where Tom thinks Grandma's come to party. Make sure to watch it with Grandma and try not to give her any dirty looks.

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