Today is Mistress Day. says 71 % of men will see their mistress. I remember when I walked in on my ex cheating on me in our own bedroom with my ex best friend. Read some tips on cheating and watch a crazy video from the TV show "Cheaters".

I had no clue my ex was cheater. Maybe that's why my ex left El Paso and went back to his home state, New Jersey. According to the Valentine's Day Infidelity Awareness Campaign, Valentine's Day is the best time to catch a cheating spouse.

42% of men will book a hotel for February. 35% of men will take their mistress to a bar before returning back home. According to an article in the economic voice. Look out for some warning signs like a lame, or trumped up excuse to go somewhere without you tonight, or maybe he wants to do something that doesn't involve you.

The Economic Voice
The Economic Voice

If his mistress is someone he works with, he may arrange an extended lunch, or an afternoon tryst by getting out of work early.

Diamond jewelry and lingerie are the most popular gifts for mistresses, flowers or perfume are the most popular gifts for wives.

To wrap things up, lets review! Hide your kids, hide your boyfriends and hide your man. Check out the wildest moments from the TV show "Cheaters"

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