I know quite a few people who still go against the law and pop the innocent fireworks in their neighborhood. Usually the news is known for giving a couple locations for you to fire away.

Although you still have that group of people that do it right in the front or backyard of their own home. If you're worried about taking the poll because you may get caught, no worries it's anonymous! A few years ago I had gone with my ex-boyfriend at the time to Anthony and this one neighborhood were throwing a block party and popping like crazy. We stayed in that area for about an hour and half and no police officers came by in that time span. Also, the wall and red sands will have a ton of law enforcement on the quads so those areas are off limits. If you choose to be a law abiding citizen then this list shows you what places will have fireworks for you to see.

Take the poll below and be sure to be safe if you plan on breaking the law this Independence Day!


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