Clearly this little girl Lauren Gonzalez is a big fan of News Channel 9 as she reports a fake robbery. She got either her brothers or friends to play the criminal role and reported magnificently!

This little girl sure does know how to work it in front of the camera when reporting news. Not sure if the young boys were up for playing this role for Lauren but they landed the bad guy role well. From their fake weapons to assaulting the boy in the bathroom was legit how a robbery would go down. Cathy Gonzalez which I would assume is Lauren's mother played director behind the camera. I hope that one day Lauren and her family have a run in with News Channel 9 so she can have an actual shot in front of the camera for El Paso to see. The way she ends her news break is ridiculously hilarious especially when she snaps her fingers at the end.

This skit will have you laughing and remembering when you used to pretend play instead of playing with technology!