This tiny snake shares something we all have in common which is having an appetite that's bigger than our stomach! The only difference is this tiny snake can hack eating an egg that is a little bigger than it's mouth.

Junkin Video made this video the clip of the week which anyone else would also do the same. When you've arrived at a restaurant while you're extremely hungry, you order an appetizer thinking you're going to grub out which NEVER happens. Not for this tiny snake, it managed to swallow the whole egg and had no problems. This tiny snake engulfed this egg that is larger than it's mouth and is downright indecent. We can't exactly eat how they munch down since we have a gag reflex possibly choke and die. Clearly, size doesn't matter to this tiny snake when it involves food.

Be prepared to be amazed by this tiny snake that eats an egg bigger than it's head!

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