Adelitas Way rocked it HARD at Street Fest Friday night, and there was tons of crowd surfing - including Rick DeJesus, the lead singer, our own Lisa Sanchez (who was dropped) and the tiniest kid you've ever seen near a mosh pit.

The entire downtown was throbbing to the sound of rock Friday night between performances by Adelitas Way and Bush. Lisa was feeling and tried her hand at crowd surfing, only to taste the pavement of Santa Fe Street. Somehow none of us got video of it, but we're actively looking for someone who caught it. In the meantime, enjoy this photo Duke caught just as she almost hit the ground:

Lisa Crowd Surfing

It's okay, a tiny little kid, who was later held up over the crowd Simba-style while Glenn declared him the "future of rock" showed Lisa how it's done. Check out the video:

[onescreen item="5106224"]


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