Last week the temperature dipped down and El Pasoans started bringing out their sweaters and wondering if its time to switch out their closet.

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 Last week, El Paso went through an unseasonally chilly couple of days and El Pasoans were wondering if we were going to be seeing winter come a few weeks early. But sadly, no, the weather is heating up again and we could see temperatures in the low 90s as soon as this weekend. Now those of us who have been reaching into the deepest parts of our closets for our hoodies and sweaters are wondering if we should still wait a few weeks before bringing them back out.

In my house when the weather is warming up, I move all my warm winter clothing into the far reaches of my closet and bring my summer dresses, swimsuits, shorts, and crop tops out to greet the sunny, warm weather. It's quite the ordeal to switch out my closet twice a year but so satisfying when it's finally done.

Normally, this happens around Halloween, since every Halloween I find myself freezing at night but sweating profusely during the day at the KLAQ Halloween parade. So that's normally how I gauge when I should be switching out my closet. It's usually the week of Halloween. But now, with the weather getting cooler a lot sooner than normal, I'm wondering if I should start switching out my closet sooner.

With the weather heading back into the 90's next week, it looks like I won't be switching my closet out anytime soon.

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