This is a different kind of time-lapse video compared  to the usual stormy weather or driving videos. This time-lapse features Southwest University Park being built from the ground up.

Next month, on April 28 will mark the 4 year anniversary of the El Paso Chihuahuas opening day! Before the stadium was built we all were wishing it could have been a fast project like the video above. Earth Cam recorded the whole process of the stadium being built from day one and on. This hand edited video was cut down from the original time to under 2 minutes. You will definitely see how much time and effort it took to build the Triple-A Ballpark. To see the area start as just a bid dirt lot area to what it is now is beyond amazing.

If you enjoy all sorts of time-lapse videos then don't skip out on seeing the completion of the Triple-A Ballpark!

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