"America's Got Talent" may be jerking more than a few tears in telling the heartwarming story of veteran Timothy Michael Poe. Tim says he stutters because of a brain injury suffered in combat, but he sings well. Fort Bliss Staff Sgt. Norman Bone told TMZ.com that would be fine...if pictures of him hadn't been made to look like they were pictures of Tim Poe!

Not only that, but the National Guard has no record of his alleged brain injury, according to this story from Dallas' WFAA-TV. And now his ex-wife is piling on, saying he was abusive, cheated on her, never stuttered, and, counter to Tim's claims he only started singing on the advice of a speech therapist, says he was lead singer in a Minnesota band for four years.

Is Tim Poe a Poe-ser? TMZ.com broke the story and we have the video. Check it out beginning at the 35-second mark. The picture that looks like Poe but is really Sgt. Bone appears about 45 seconds in. It appeared originally on the Dept. of Defense website and Sgt. Bone was named in the description.

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