The latest round in a decades-long dispute between the Tigua Indian tribe and the state of Texas went against the tribe and could result in massive fines.

According to the El Paso Times:

U.S District Judge Kathleen Cardone ruled late last month that the sweepstakes games operated at two Tigua entertainment centers amount to illegal lotteries conducted on illegal gambling devices. She said they must be removed by the end of July or the tribe could face $100,000 per day fines.

At one point, full on "Vegas style" gambling was allowed on the Tigua reservation. Then someone changed their mind and the fight began. Gambling is permitted by 240 tribes, in 460 locations (nearby Sunland Park for example) yet the Tiguas are continually denied their own operation.

With all the jobs the casino has created and all the money raised for the benefit of the Tigua people...not to mention all they offer the Borderland by way of free and/or incredibly affordable entertainment options...I think Texas should allow them to continue.

How about you?