Klaq and Kiss Fm Santa Pictures

You know you're a kid at heart when you STILL take pictures with Santa! But it's mostly fun when you go with a bunch of friends who will be joining the picture. A few years back some friends and I had taken a picture with Santa. Some of those friends are people I still work with. You will notice how excited all of us were to take this picture. The smiles on our faces definitely show how serious we took this photo shoot. You will notice my face remains the same in all the Santa pictures. I can't help I was excited to be with my friends taking our picture with Santa. I was smiling so hard in one of the pictures above that my eyes were completely shut! If this isn't part of your things to do with friends list, it should be! This kind of spontaneous thing will probably become a tradition soon after. It doesn't necessarily have to be with only friends. You can also do this Christmas photo shoot with family or even co-workers. Cheers to any memories you recall with family, friends, or co-workers on Throwback Thursday!

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