John F. Kennedy sure was loved in El Paso and the love was reciprocated as you will hear in his speech. Over 300,000 El Pasoans and visitors from other nearby cities showed their support for JFK.

David Von Pein's dedicated his YouTube channel to John F. Kennedy and had this little gem. It was June 5, 1963 when JFK made a pit stop in El Paso and made his winning over the crowd speech. JFK said it was a pleasure to come to El Paso not only as the President but also as a Democratic who believes in the Democratic Party. His speech focused on change and how change is progress and looking out for the welfare of his people. You can view the El Paso Times article on John F. Kennedy's visit to El Paso, Texas. This throwback is worth a listen and how delighted he was to be in El Paso with his party.

John F. Kennedy ended his speech with some loving words about our hometown of El Paso!

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