Dirty Monday Night Football: Panthers beat Patriots 24-20
A controversial no-call gave the Panthers a 24-20 victory over New England.  Both teams were 7-3 so this was an important game that ended on a penalty flag that was taken back because I guess holding Rob Gronkowski in a bear hug somehow isn't defensive holding.
More importantly, the ESPN broadcast te…
Dirty Monday Night Football: Bears vs. Packers
Chicago beat Green Bay last night 27-20 and we have a recap of all the action. This week's Dirty Monday Night Football would get an NC-17 rating if it weren't all taken out of context!
Click the jump link to hear this week's naughty, naughty play-by-play...
New Halestorm, “Here’s To Us” [Audio]
One of the hottest rocker chicks in the entire world, is definitely Lizzy Hale!!
They've played El Paso a few times and I had the chance to meet the band a while ago. ALL of them were very down to earth and Lizzy was just super SEXY! If I can find the pic of us, I'll post it up!
Until then, keep an ea…
Herbert The Pervert Prank Call! [Audio]
When I think of 2 old perverts, the only names that come to mind are: Scott Ronson and Herbert the Pervert! (And yes, they're both missing their teeth!)
Check out this hilarious clip from your favorite pervert!