There have been a few places in our Sun City that closed and re-opened. Two places are already open with the exception of one.

There have been a lot of places that have closed and never make a come back. But then you also have some businesses that are brought back to life. Just last weekend one particular nightclub re-opened their doors and had a massive crowd. That nightclub you've heard of that was known as The OP aka Old Plantation. Now back in 2016, Erin's owner made a huge announcement about closing the doors to the bar. But yesterday afternoon there was an announcement made on the Facebook page for Erin's Bar. Comment below on your favorite place that closed and would like to see them come back.

News like this always gives us hope about places that shut their doors and hope they re-open like the list of places below!

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    The New Old Plantation

    This bar and nightclub had been closed for the longest time until last weekend! They had their grand opening and had quite the crowd. The OP is located downtown at 301 South Ochoa Street. They had been closed for quite some time and just had their grand opening. Word on the street was they had quite a long wait to get in.

  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez


    This fast food joint closed their doors January 31 in 2017 but later re-opened to our surprise! The last month before Charcoaler closed was a hassle to order. They had quite a long line of cars waiting to have one last taste before they called it quits. That same year but months later they re-opened! They continue to have quite the fan base after re-opening.

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    Erin's Bar

    Erin's Bar was featured on the news a long time ago for closing their doors. They also had quite the crowd the final nights of their cheers. But just yesterday afternoon they posted a picture on their Facebook page including a hashtag #underconstruction. They're planning on making a come back soon! Looks like it is going to be another reunion for some El Paso peeps.

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