If you've heard the show lately, you may have noticed that we've frequently brought up a show called "You." It's on Netflix, but previously released on Lifetime, and it's taken over our lives! Lisa finished it awhile back, Brandon just recently finished it and I started it about a week ago. Every morning during our pre-show meeting we would get sidetracked talking about but Brandon and Lisa were good to not give me any spoilers. Well, today is the day because I'm finally on the LAST EPISODE! Won't you join me as I watch the final episode?

1. What happened to Candace?
2. I want a glass cage that is sound proof and full of books. Just to get way from people.
3. Mr. Mooney was a scary man.
4. Beck is awful, but does she deserve to be in the basement? Yes, the answer is yes.
5. It's unfair how hot Joe is.
6. Joe never thinks ahead when he kills or captures someone.
7. "What's in the box?" LOL!
8. Dammit, Claudia! Don't protect Ron!
9. Also, Ron was NOT wrong about Joe.
10. Where's Paco?!
11. Peach was horrible too- did she deserve to die? Maybe
12. I want a guy to bring me avocado toast and coffee
13. Joe is the ONLY ONE who actually cares about Beck's writing.
14. Ugh. The friends are awful too.
15. Well played Joe, making the friends believe she left with the therapist!
16. Beck is not a good writer
17.Claudia is another idiot.
18. Joe, turning Paco into a little Joe Killer.
19. Beck is really playing it up to Joe, they are both so messed up!
20. Oh, SNAP! Joe's back in the cage!
21. Uh, you're broken too, Beck.
22. Oh, snap! Paco is loyal.
23. He's out of the cage!
24. Light's out for Beck.
26. Yeah, we're all that PI right now. Bullsh*t.
27. I still can't believe uncle Jesse, right now.
28. Well, she wanted to be a published writer. So.
29. His narration is giving me total "Gossip Girl" vibes
30. Is he about to start stalking again?

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