Can you imagine teaching your own teacher a lesson with a prank? This female student created the perfect prank for her teacher.

This teacher is known for his class rules and one specific rule the students want to be dismissed. The teacher has a set of rules with one that includes your mobile device. If your cell phone rings in class, you must answer it on speaker and in front of your classmates. This young female student had her phone ring during his class and is asked to answer it. The student had her false pregnancy news announced in front of the whole class and teacher. Just then, you realize the teacher begins to feel bad for her and sharing what may have been a secret. After the phone call is disconnected the teacher right away apologizes to her. She played it off so well with the news and then telling her teacher she already has a name for her pretend baby.

This teacher must have crapped his pants for one of his rules backfiring on him!

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