The Sunland Park flyover ramp will still be closed this entire month, adding a major headache to commuters on the westside. Find out what other closures are happening this week. Doesn’t matter when you’re traveling through the westside of El Paso, it looks like congestion is going to be an issue. Even the east side isn’t immune to the traffic and headaches. With road closures, lane closures and more, El Paso traffic is getting worse before it gets any better. There will be some major freeway and road closures happening this week so make sure you are aware so you don’t get caught stuck in traffic.

Sunland Park Drive Flyover 

March 19- April 30

  •  I-10 East Sunland Park Flyover Entrance CLOSED
  • DETOUR: Drivers must use Sunland Park and turn left at Paisano drive and enter I-10 East through the Paisano entrance

US 85

April 9- April 11(9 pm-5 am nightly)

  • Spur 1966 to San Francisco Street

I-10 at Sunland Park

April 9- April 12 (9pm- 6 am nightly)

  • I-10 East at Sunland Park Drive
  • I-10 West CLOSED from Executive Center to Sunland Park Drive
  • I-10 West Schuster Avenue Entrance Ramp CLOSED
  • I-10 West Sunland Park Entrance Ramp CLOSED
  • Sunland Park Drive COMPLETELY CLOSED between South Mesa Hills Drive and I-10 East Entrance Ramps

I-10 at Airway/Hawkins

Thursday, April 12 (9 pm to 5 am)

  • I-10 East between Airway and Hawkins

I-10 at Copia

April 8- April 12 (9 pm- 5 am)

  • I-10 West Piedras Exit and Entrance ramps CLOSED

Please follow the detour signs in place on all projects. All work is dependent upon weather conditions. Please follow the detour signs in place on all projects. All work is dependent upon weather conditions. Find out more information at the Texas Department of Transportation website. You can also follow the Go 10 Project on Twitter.

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