95.5 KLAQ is going to resurrect some memories of El Paso Downtown Street Festival. All Fourth of July weekend it's a flashback fourth as every hour will start with a fourplay from one of the legendary artists who performed at a Street Fest event.

We have had some great bands come through Street Fest throughout the years. Here are a few videos that highlight some of the great memories of the past.

Great times out in the sun, running around the streets of Downtown El Paso is something we will always treasure. Who knows when the next StreetFest will happen but until then, please enjoy your holiday weekend reminiscing of all the good times we had before.

If you have any past Street Fest photos or videos, feel free to send them to us using our free 95.5 KLAQ app.

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If you want to share any past Street Fest stories, feel free to send us an audio clip of you telling that story so we can share it with fellow Street Fest fans.

As you pop fireworks throughout the holiday weekend, make sure to turn up KLAQ on your radio, or your phone using our free app to stream this event. Really there is no excuse to not rock out to past Street Fest bands, so we hope you will join us for all 4th of July weekend. We are helping bring back these awesome memories of the El Paso Downtown Street Festival thanks to the Flashback Fourth on 95.5 KLAQ.

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