Día De Muertos falls on Sunday, November 1st and Monday, November 2nd this year. This holiday is big throughout Latin America and in my house it is observed every year. Rather than mourn the death of a loved one, we celebrate their life with food, drinks and activities that we know our deceased loved ones would have loved. We make sure to put their pictures at the altars along with papel picado, figurines, marigolds and some of their favorite things. It's a beautiful experience.

Throughout the years, día de muertos has kind of been put into the spotlight. Every year, more and more celebrations are thrown and with the recent release of Disney's Coco, more and more people are learning about this beautiful celebration. Here in the borderland, it's no question that dia de muertos is a big deal to many in the community. Every year, events are thrown throughout the borderland where many can celebrate their deceased loved ones. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, this years festivities have gone virtual.

It's no biggie, though, because we all know that the celebration of the dead can be done at home. You can make an alter for your loved ones, watch some of their favorite movies (maybe even Coco) make some of their favorite foods and share some of your favorite memories of them with your friends and family. One of my family's favorite ways to celebrate is with food, of course. One of our favorites to make for this holiday is pan de muerto, or bread of the dead. Recently, I found a great recipe from one of my favorite YouTube chefs: Doña Angela and her channel is called "From my Ranch to Your Kitchen". Here is her recipe for pan de muerto.

I tried this recipe and it came out delicious!

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba
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