There is a lot of speculation about the Ouija Board that some of you have played. The old-timers remember playing the old school way which is on the board.

There is a new way to play the Ouija Board that doesn't need any other players but just you. I assume the Ouija Board decided to catch up on modern times since it's now available through the Google Play Store and the App Store. The modern version for your mobile device is known as Spirit Board. There have been some critics that claim the Spirit Board is just as bad as the original board game. Then you also have those that say it is not like the board game and is just a silly way to scare yourself. The ones that claim it's just as bad said they experienced horrifying events. Not sure but I feel it has a lot to do with your state of mind when you play the Ouija Board. Long ago I had played with my cousin and her friends but wasn't as scared. The whole time we were playing I just assumed her and her friends were trying to scare me. I kept assuming they were the ones moving the triangle and they didn't even play that long. I thank God that nothing ever possessed me or my cousin after playing.

It is better to be safe than sorry so my recommendation would be to avoid downloading the Spirit Board app and playing the original way!

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