This family goes by the name of Eh Bee, they're known for their hilarious ways in front of the camera. The dad above deserves major credit for his creativity on Snapchat while using his daughter's Barbie as a prop.

You definitely can't deny that using some of the Snapchat filters kick a** and make Kodak moments VERY special and unique. The man goes by "Papa Bee" and he's totally responsible for tempting us to dig up our old dolls to attempt the same idea. It takes skill to be as serious and put so much effort into this 10 second Snap as "Papa Bee" does. The icing to the cake is when you hear his daughter "Miss Monkey" screaming at her mom that her dad is being weird again.

It's pretty creepy how he got the Barbie doll to seem so alive and real in his Snapchat!

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