This woman came up with the most clever way to reveal her and her partner were having a baby! Jon and Tina created this game for all to participate in and inform them about their new soon to come family member.

Usually most couples announce they're having a baby by doing a photo shoot or just come right out and say it. Tina and Jon had something else in mind that included every family member to learn the news. The couple made a game out of their good news to make the family earn the great news. Tina 8621 published her video that ended up going viral and featured on Right This Minute a television show on Fox. The reaction this family had after hearing the news come out of their own mouths was priceless! Congrats to Jon and Tina on their baby and their creative skills announcing their baby announcement.

This video may be 4 minutes long, but it is worth the watch and can also give you an idea if you're expecting!



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