The stat site Stacker has shared some interesting numbers about El Pasoan’s attitudes toward climate change (also known as global warming). According to the statistics, people in El Paso believe in the scientific consensus at rates higher than the national average.

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For example,

78.2% of El Pasoans think global warming is happening. That’s 6.2% above the national average.

64.1% think global warming is caused mostly by human activity (7.1% above the national average)

72.7% in El Paso are somewhat or very worried about global warming. That is higher than the average by 9.7%

Stacker arrived at their numbers using the findings of a 2020 Yale study on the attitudes and opinions of Americans toward climate change and global warming.

A few other interesting notes from the study:

The national average of adults who think global warming is 72%.

At 78.2% El Paso’s conviction about global warming is higher than Los Angeles County (75%) AND Nassau County, which is New York City (77%).

In Texas, El Paso’s 78.2% tops Dallas (77%) and Houston/Harris County (72%).

The only counties in Texas with higher percentages are Travis and Bexar (Austin and San Antonio) along with Webb (79%), Zapata (80%) Starr (79%), and Hidalgo (79%) counties. With the exception of Travis and Bexar, all those counties with higher-than-El-Paso percentages are also on the U.S./Mexico border.

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The metro areas of the country with the highest belief in global warming are San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward at 84.4% and Ithaca, New York at 83%.

Metros, where the fewest people think global warming is real, are Cullman, Alabama (49.4%), Point Pleasant, West Virginia (50.7%), and Central City, Kentucky (52%).

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