Local attorney (and frequent Morning Show guest) Derek Wyatt is getting some global recognition after appearing on the YouTube show “Law Talk With Mike."

The video (which I’ve posted at the end of this article) is titled “Effective but Over-the-Top Attorney”. So far, the video has been viewed nearly 20,000 times.

YouTube | @LawTalkWithMike
YouTube | @LawTalkWithMike

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“Mike” of “Law Talk With Mike” is a Chicago attorney and many of the commenters on the video seem to be lawyers and law students. It’s really very interesting to see how these comments start off as, “HaHa, look at this crazy looking lawyer” to, “Wow. He’s really, really good” in just a few minutes.

Derek Wyatt of Wyatt and Underwood is definitely one of the most recognizable attorneys in this city. He stands out, both in his demeanor, appearance, and speaking style.

Here are some of the comments from the first few minutes of the video:

“Rough lookin’ lawyer”

“Wired…like he’s had too much coffee”

“This lawyer needs shampoo and a comb”.

So, one thing to know about Derek is that, under normal conditions, he’s a very stylish dresser who wears tailored suits in bold colors and patterns. In this Zoom proceeding, though, he’s wearing a sweatshirt and has a week’s growth of beard. At some point, he mentions how long it’s been since he’s had any sleep.

Oh, also…there’s the backdrop. Derek uses an image of an eagle and the American flag in this Zoom. Mike the lawyer says it looks like something “out of the Texas Law Hawk playbook”.

Before long, the comments turn from ridicule to respect:

“He’s absolutely correct and it’s effective”

“I like this Wyatt guy…as weird as he is, the dude obviously knows what he’s doing”

“If I ever need help, I want this guy”

Check it out. Derek Wyatt somehow manages to win over the host, the audience, AND the judge.

That judge, by the way, Bonnie Rangel…and the commenters universally LOVE her.

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