For families who are a little scared of taking their little ones to movie theaters, this one theater chain is offering theaters complete with a playground for kids.

B&B Theaters, which has theaters across the country, offers ScreenPLAY! which is an innovative and exclusive theater room dedicated to families with small children.

The theater features vibrantly colored seats and wall coverings, a screen-side play area for toddlers, and a full-size climbing playground (complete with slide!). Check out this brief video of it.

It's perfect for families to enjoy a movie day without worrying that their little ones will disturb others in the theater.

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The way it works is ScreenPLAY! invites guests to arrive thirty minutes before showtime for fun and play, while music and other entertainment is on the screen. After the thirty minute play block is over, guests will take their seats and the lights will go down for a kid-friendly feature. A concept unique to B&B Theatres, ScreenPLAY! will allow little movie-lovers (recommended age 2-8) to enjoy the magic of the movies like never before!

It's perfect for kids to be able to get out all their energy before settling down to watch a movie.

Something like this would be very beneficial in El Paso. El Paso is a very family oriented city and it actually surprises me that there isn't something like this already in the city. Here's hoping that B&B Theaters expands their Texas market into the Sun City because I'm more than certain that families here would love it.


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