Lately, El Paso has been experiencing some strong winds which means we must be upon windy season. The high winds are dangerous and are not the best conditions to fly a kite. But there will be somedays the winds are just right for a day of kite flying. It's always a blast to partake in the kite flying activity, especially with your children! Now there is a video that's going viral of some pretty neat kites to fly. Those kind of kites aren't your average kiddy kite you would regularly fly as a child or now as an adult. The Octopus kites look 100% legit like the real deal while flying in the sky. If I could fly a massive ocean creature in the El Paso sky would be a Jellyfish. I would also try and see if there could be a way to make the kite light up or glow like the way they do. I think I may set up a Go Fund Me account for a giant Jellyfish kite to fly for all in El Paso to see!

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