The best times are when the holidays roll around for friends and family to plan reunions. You know your friends and cousins excitedly message you to plan a fun night out after sharing that they'll be in town. Now you know that means it's time to get down to business as in plan the bars you all will visit to catch up at.

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The best places for any sort of reunion must have some vital qualities every gnarly bar should have. The perfect place for a family and friends reunion should have good music, food, drink specials, and friendly staff.

There is a list of bars in El Paso I believe are perfect for reuniting with friends and family for Friendsgiving. The places I want to share with you are where I've enjoyed catching up with family and friends.

Friendsgiving is a special time of the year we give thanks to those special ones around us. So when it comes to celebrating Friendsgiving it must be done right.

Whether you get an appetizer or an entree the food you order for a reunion must be filling or shareable portion sizes. Plus, if you're buying a round of drinks for more than 3, drink specials really help out depending on your budget.

You know you still appreciate those $2 and $3 you call its that were cheap good times. But as I also mentioned the friendly staff will always have you wanting to come back.

Like The District's funny bartender, Emory who is known for his unique charm with all his customers. As for Gilly's Taco Cantina, they got the beats that make you get on your feet by DJ Payne.

Below is a list of my absolute favorite places I would celebrate Friendsgiving. The places I am sharing with you have all the qualities that make a place perfect for Friendsgiving.

Hot Spots for Friendsgiving Festivities

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