Have you ever noticed any funny Wi-fi names that are located in the area you live in? Some people get very creative when they set up their Wi-fi service and name!

These are the funniest Wi-fi names that actually exist and show the creators sense of humor. Calbel will show you a variety of Wifi names that are beyond funny and honest. Dorkly will show you over 40 Wi-fi names that are better than your own Wi-fi name. There were a few names that caught my eye for example like Pretty Fly For A Wi-fi, Bill Wi the Science Fi, and Abraham Linksys. This just goes to show that there are a lot of creative people in this world. So next time you're searching for a Wi-fi network to connect to, be sure to read all the other wireless names.

If you know someone who is barely going to set up their Wi-fi be sure to let them in on this funny idea of being creative with their wireless name!