This guy killed two birds with one stone by solving 8 rubik's cubes underwater for 2 minutes! He is one talented guy that can be under pressure and still maintain his cool with NO oxygen.

Trying to solve a rubik's cube is frustrating enough when you're not limited on air supply. Kevin Hays would make a good stunt man in Hollywood for underwater scenes. For example, the Titanic scene where Jack has to find the right key to unlock the gate. The dude above looks as calm as can be while solving rubik's cubes. He's got the brain that you would want to pick at. You can tell he is quick with his fingers and thinking skills while he's trying to hold his breath. He puts me to shame since it only takes him about 14 seconds to solve each rubik's cube.

This man truly is a rubik's cube champion for solving 8 in 2 minutes underwater!

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