He was behind Trump at some of his most visible televised campaign rallies. He was behind Trump after he'd been elected at...well...MORE campaign rallies, for some reason. And, he was there Saturday night, behind Trump at, yes, another campaign rally.

Who IS Michael, the Black Man? That's how HE styles himself, as "Michael the Black Man". The one African-American guy at a Trump rally who, I'm sure purely by coincidence, is always seated behind the president, but off to the side enough so that he is visible for the entire speech. I'm SURE that seating choice is nothing but random chance, though.

Well, it turns out that Trump's most visible black supporter (maybe 3rd, after Diamond and Silk who, incidentally, just got paid $7000 to appear in a campaign ad
for a self-avowed white supremacist) has a website that teeters precariously on the gaping maw of shrieking, bat-poop lunacy.

Beware of clicking on the link to Michael the Black Man's website. For this way madness lies.

This is the website that he promotes on his shirt and signs at most of his Trump rally appearances.


If you didn't click that link, I envy you. It's full of the kind of things you would post if you were trying to lay the ground-work for an insanity plea. It rails and rants like a street preacher wearing a trench coat made out of cat pelts against The Arabs, The Jews, Hillary (of course) and...bizarrely...against Cherokees. Seriously, a major theme of Michael's website is that blacks who are anti-Trump are actually Cherokee Indians MASQUERADING as blacks!!

There's also a lot in there about Hillary, ISIS and Jews wanting to "eat" gentile blacks and whites and, honestly, I can't tell if he's speaking figuratively or not.

Oh, this is worth mentioning: Michael used to be a guy named Michael Woodbine who was a major player in the cult known as The Nation of Yahweh in the 1980's. The cult fell on hard times after the leader and other key members were convicted on dozens of murder, extortion, arson and racketeering charges. Michael was acquitted despite that fact that his own brother testified that he had "personally executed a former member with a dull machete in the Florida Everglades".

Trump's number one NON-female African-American fan hasn't had some kind of awakening though. His crazy website has several articles talking about how great Yahweh Ben Yahweh was and how, if he were alive he would want all blacks to support Donald Trump.

So. How does a member of a murder-cult who runs a website promoting conspiracies that would make Alex Jones blush end up being seated in the most visible spot at MULTIPLE Donald Trump rallies? I dunno. But it kind of makes you wonder what kind of people get TURNED DOWN for those seats, doesn't it?

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