Saying goodbye to one of your favorite food chains is like a punch in the gut! Got bad news for you if you've always picked Chik-Fil-A as your snack or meal while at Sunland Park Mall. That location put up a sign recently mentioning goodbyes are never easy and that they will be closing their location. It breaks my heart to hear this kind of news about my favorite food chain closing. I always enjoyed buying a lemonade or waffle fries to snack on while at the mall. The Chik-Fil-A at Sunland Park Mall is set to close their doors on Saturday, January 19. I definitely will be paying them another visit before they shut their doors for good. If you're wondering about the other locations in El Paso, they will remain open. So the closest Westside location remaining open is the Chik-Fil-A at Remcon and North Mesa. The other location off Airway will also remain open as well.

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