It's a real whodunnit coming to the streets of the Sun City! I just found a great adventure for the Morning Show for 2020. On February 1st, the streets of El Paso will turn into  a giant game of "Clue" thanks to CluedUpp Game.

CluedUpp Games, according to their website, are an award-winning British games studio that specializes in creating unique, outdoor adventure games, will transport El Pasoan's back to the 1920's where as a team you'll compete against other teams to figure out who is the killer. By using an app on your phone, your team of detectives will need to scramble all over town, hunting down virtual witnesses, eliminating suspects and seeing if you have what it takes to crack the case! CluedUpp is also offering tons of prizes, aside from your team catching the killer, there's prizes for the fastest team to the best dressed team.

Tickets to participate are $48.00, you only need one ticket for a team of up to six people, and can be purchased through their website. If you think you and your friends have what it takes then sign up. Now, my task is to figure out how we'll convince Buzz to do it and pay for our ticket.

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