Did you know that Tequila is actually good for you? Of course you did; that's why you drink it huh?

Ok, maybe that's not why you drink it. If anyone ever asks though, use any of these reasons:

  • It's a probiotic.
  • It ups your insulin production.
  • It slows the stomachs breakdown of certain medications.
  • It lowers the odds of developing dementia.
  • It helps with insomnia. (Damn right it does...)
  • It helps with weight loss!

There's more but, you get the idea. Tequila also won't give you a hangover. Not the good stuff anyway according to lifehack.org:

"you have to drink “100% agave” tequila to get this benefit. Cheaper brands will be filled out with other sugar alcohols, which will knock you out.

It can ease your mind too. Problems, bad memories ... sometimes entire weekends ... can easily be forgotten! So, a shot or two a day is a good thing.

7-14 shots, once a week, may not be.

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