Seriously, you're only 6 teeny steps away from drowning a worm in some tasty stuff!

Don't worry if worms aren't your thing, they're not one of the (mandatory) steps.  Follow these 6 though and voila, you'll be hugging people you don't know while yelling "Viva Mexico" in no time!

  • 1) Harvest the agave.
  • 2) Cook the agave.
  • 3) Mill and juice the agave.
  • 4) Let it ferment and then distill it.
  • 5) Age it.
  • 6) Bottle it.

See?  I told you it was easy.

How to make your own tequila
Photo by Michael Bradley/Getty Images

OK, ok ... what I meant was, those steps are easy to understand.  Actually pulling 'em off is a bit of a chore.  You might want to invite a few friends over to help.  (And have them bring a few more.)  You're also going to need a s***load of agave plants, bottles, a bottling facility, an agave "cook" and someone to keep Super Mario away from you while you're working.

Or, you can opt for the uber - easy Dubba G 3 step plan:

  • 1) Find a liquor store.
  • 2) Buy a bottle.
  • 3) Go home and drink it.


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