IFC was running a Saw marathon this past weekend. Perfect timing for me while I moved into my new place. So I just let it run in the background while I unpacked boxes.

I love the Saw series. Some movies obviously better than others, but all in all, I like it. Is it strange of me to always complain about Cary Elwes acting in the first one? A lot of the acting in the later movies is certainly sub-par, but for some reason his performance in the first one just really bothered me. I guess I was expecting more from The Dread Pirate Roberts.

This is certainly not a series for anyone who can't take blood because it is filled with it. It's probably one of the more cringe worthy horror series I can think of:

  • Filling the beakers of blood by cutting their arms lengthwise
  • The Tug of War at the beginning of Saw 3-D
  • Pulling a fish hook out of a woman's stomach
  • The pig entrails
  • Glued to a car seat (Hello Chester Bennington from Linkin Park)
  • All the chains hooked to the guy in Saw III (Seriously, this one really gets to me)

Saw Series Analysis

  • Jump Factor — 4
  • Gross Out Factor — 10
  • Alcohol Paring — Depends on your tolerance for the gore. If you have a low tolerance, go big with something high in alcohol content.