Maggie Smith Kuhn, better known as @watchmaggiepaint on TikTok, is a painter based in Atlanta who has over one million followers, and for good reason. Maggie shares her works of art with all of us, but not only that, she takes us on the entire journey with her.

Kuhn is a painter who has risen to TikTok fame by showing us how she does her live paintings of weddings. See, Kuhn goes to weddings, and actually paints what's happening- it may sound a bit confusing, so maybe it's best if I just show you.

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That's right, Kuhn will set up at a wedding, and paint a memorable moment from it. My favorite part is always the reaction.

The reactions always get me because I have the same expression of disbelief! Her art is so beautiful!

I've been following Kuhn on TikTok for a few months now and so when this video came up, I nearly died! The QUEEN of live painting weddings was in El Paso! That's right, she was here in El Paso live painting an El Paso wedding, and captured one of the most touching reactions that even made her get emotional!

Kuhn said in the comments that she couldn't help it and cried as well.

The wedding looks like it's at the Alcantar Sky Garden, and many El Pasoan's in the comments instantly recognized it!

Kuhn of course gets tons of questions, and does frequently answer them on TikTok.

How amazing that she doesn't just do weddings!

Congratulations to the lucky El Paso couple who got married! You can find out more about Kuhn, and how much her painting packages are, you can click here.

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