Fit For An Autopsy's guitarist made a list of things he misses from touring that aren't just the shows and now I'm depressed. There have been plenty of things we all miss during the coronavirus pandemic. From attending festivals, traveling with friends, or even the simple pleasures like hugging loved ones outside your household, the pandemic has been rough on all of us.

A group that has been hit especially hard are those who work in the live entertainment industry, like musicians. One band that has traveled plenty of times to the Sun City is New Jersey's Fit For An Autopsy. The deathcore band's touring schedule came to a screeching halt once the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the entire country. We still have no specific date in site when bands can begin to tour again freely and musicians and their fans are all depressed about it.

Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Pat Sheridan took to his Facebook page to bring up something most fans wouldn't think their favorite bands would miss from the tour. Sure, the shows are the highlight of the tour, as well as meeting all their fans before and after the show, but that time is only a portion of their time while out in a different city.

While reading this list, it reminded me of the time I spent traveling to go to different festivals and concerts. Safe to say we're all missing live shows can't wait to see these bands up on stage again.

Things I miss that are associated with tour but arent shows.

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Posted by Patrick Sheridan on Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

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