Let's just get this out of the way: Pabst Blue Ribbon is GROSS! PBR was a beer that was long forgotten until hispters decided that would be their drink of choice. When I hear someone at a bar ask for a PBR I immediately start judging. I get it, everyone has their own different tastes, PBR is definitely an acquired taste, but still.

You know what I do enjoy, though? Coffee. While I do enjoy both coffee and alcohol in their own individual settings, when mixing them together there are certain ways that it must be done. The usual way to do so is a simple Irish coffee. It's basically whiskey and coffee. Beer and coffee is something I've never contemplated before, until now!

PBR is trying desperately to boost sales by introducing both a non-alcoholic version and a higher alcohol version of the beer, as well announcing the launch of a PBR whiskey. Their latest attempt seems to be aimed at me specifically. It's a hard coffee. As in, coffee with alcohol, canned and ready to go. A representative for PBR has confirmed that it's made with "Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and rich, creamy American milk." It's also infused with vanilla which makes it sound like a boozy latte.

So far, it's only being sold in five states, and unfortunately Texas is not one of them. But the reviews are not bad. I'm conflicted because on one hand I love coffee, and on the other, I hate PBR. I know that the 5% ABV hard coffee probably doesn't even contain PBR beer but the label makes me think it does. I guess I'll just have to stick to Irish coffee's for now.

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