Coffee or tea, no matter how you like to start your day, we know some great brands and shops that are locally-owned. El Paso has plenty of locally-owned, delicious businesses that you can enjoy. From specialty stores, restaurants, spas, and more El Paso is home to amazing local businesses you can support.


One thing most people need first thing in the morning is either a hot cup of coffee or a steaming cup of tea. There are plenty of options for you to choose from no matter what side of town you live on. Most people go with a name they know when choosing their coffee shop, but what you might not know is how many delicious local coffee and tea shops El Paso has to offer you.

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We decided to look all over El Paso- from the far westside all the way to the far, far east side of El Paso (let's face it basically Horizon) to see what locally-owned options are available for El Pasoans to try.

After researching for this article, we realized there were so many options out there, we narrowed it down to spots known mostly for their coffee or tea. There are plenty of cafes around town that not only have scrumptious food options but plenty of coffee and tea varieties as well. Because of this, we wanted to keep the list to primarily coffee and tea options.

Check out the list below and head out to get a cup of joe at a local spot.

Delicious, Local Coffee & Tea Brands And Shops You Can Support

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