There aren't many places that offer a yummy snack for you AND your furry friend! But some of the places you're in the mood for also accommodate your pet's cravings. I went on a little adventure with Tyson (the Husky) that is in the pictures with me. There aren't a lot of places that keep furry friends in mind like the three I listed below. I hit up a few places to pamper Tyson and let me just say he was satisfied with all three locations. Below is a list of places that not only treat you but your furry friends as well! The places you can pick up a treat for your pet are Stateline, Starbucks, or Wienerschnitzel. Tyson enjoyed every single snack he got to indulge on our little adventure. Below are the top best places Tyson approved of that you can snag a treat for furry pal!

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Stateline Restaurant

    That Stateline is by far, hands down, the BEST place on Earth! For being a top-notch restaurant they sure do care about your furry friends! They're the best because they don't charge you for the ribs you can take to your pet. Now, they don't give the ribs they would serve you on a plate. They give your furry friend the ribs that don't make the cut to serve to a customer on a plate. So if you want to treat your dog for good behavior, this is the place!

  • Veronica Gonzalez


    Another great place you can score your dog a free snack is at Starbucks! Instead of something salty, treat them to a Pupaccino! The Pupaccino is just whip cream in a cup. It's fresh and sweet that actually takes a while for them to eat. Tyson enjoyed every lick of it and cleaned out the cup.

  • Veronica Gonzalez


    Finally, the next best place after Stateline and Starbucks is Wienerschnitzel. Back in the day they used to offer a free wiener but not anymore. Now that Wienerschnitzel isn't hooking it up for your dog, it's 50 cents now. But at least they still honor dogs by continuing to serve a treat at a low cost.