Sure does seem like a lot of people .. including me .. aren't!

I'm allright with fixing things up, but it seems to me Zucker-burger is kinda messing up these days.  Change, I'll grant you is inevitable ...  But it isn't always  neccesary! Maybe this unintended action will convince him to quit trying to "reinvent the wheel"!!

It seems now you can see who "unfriended" you.  You may or may not care.  You may .. or may not .. be able to figure it out for yourself!  (Small number of friends makes it easy to tell. Religiously counting them up every day can keep you [quite pathetically] aware.  Breaking up with someone is also usually a pretty good way to know you've been  "disliked"!)

Anyway, now you can find out with a just a couple of clicks!  The funny part is that it seems facebook didn't intend to hook you up with this!!

Here's how according to

Go to the Timeline page and choose a year on the right side of the page. Scroll through the posts and locate the “Friends” box. Within the Timeline, Facebook groups actions that occurred over the course of the year including new friendships, photos uploaded, events attended and new likes. On the “Friends” box, click the “Made X New Friends” link and this should load a pop-up window that lists all friendships created during that year.

Scroll through the list and anyone that terminated the friendship will appear with an “Add Friend” button rather than a “Friends” button. However, the “Add Friend” could also mean that the user terminated the friendship

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Think maybe now he'll quit monkeying around with our facebook??  I doubt it; the guys more powerful than Congress.  Think about it, he controls facebook which pretty much controls how most of America ... if not the world ... interact!  (Buzz called me out once for sending him a facebook happy birthday wish when I was sitting in the next room.  Look what we're becoming!!)  Am I being overly dramatic??  I don't think so.  Most of us are hooked on this thing and he does all "it's" thinking ... which can affect our thinking to a point!

Check out this article from

Good point(s) huh?  He can do whatever he wants and .. trust me .. we'll accept it because we need our facebook crack!  What do you think?

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