Every New Year's Eve since 1907, the Ball Drop in New Yorks' Times Square has drawn millions to the craziest street party ever.

Not this year.

New York City is used to throwing some big 'ol parties and one of the biggest, if not THE biggest is the "Ball Drop" that happens every New Year's Eve.

2020 isn't going out quietly though as the COVID 19 pandemic takes one more fun event from us. The last one of the year, literally and figuratively.

Health and safety restrictions in New York City have caused the "Ball Drop" to go virtual as we kiss 2020 goodbye. Actually, I'm kidding about the kiss.

2020 deserves nothing less than a kick in the butt as it comes to an end. This year the event will be held virtually and Times Square will be virtually empty as the clock strikes midnight.

This is not the first time the "Ball Drop" has been watched by people via the internet. Since 2008, those that couldn't be there have been able to stream it and, of course, zillions of peeps all over the world watch it on tv every year.

Those "distant observers" will still be there this year, the only difference really will be the significant drop in actual attendees.  Not to mention a significant drop in revenue as area businesses and advertisers go from serving millions to, well, the cops and whoever happens to live nearby I guess.

Ok, 2020, enjoy your last hurrah.

You will be the one year no one ever misses. 'Ya bastard.

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